Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Wonderful Xmas '09

Last night really a wonderful xmas all my life..

Supported by Photo Community and OMK St. Bartolomeus, we are invited to had Christmas eve at Rumah Fiorenti..

As scheduled we are going at 09.00PM, but there was some transportation trouble, so finally we are going at 10.00PM.. Really late night to see some children still wake up that time, really sad that we cant go early.

At 10.45PM, finally we are arrived at Rumah Fiorenti. One kid are coming to our cars and give us a welcoming kiss, and also the dog.. nice dog..

At the house, we saw that some kid already sleep at the carpet, so sad that we should wake them up.. with sleepy eyes, some of them wake up and still sleepy.. Some babies are crying..  i really sad that we cant go on time..

We are do some preparation for ice breaking and we are starting to play a game..

I had remember some of girls.. Yani and Angel.. they are 6th grade of elementary school.. The face of Angel made me remember to my sister at home.. my friend, Eko, already said the same as i thought.. They are really nice to us.. we had laugh together..

I had taking care of one baby at that house, her name is Bebi.. She had left by her mom when she was 9days old.. 9days old was to young to had left.. i was so sad to hear that from Suster.. She had left by her mom at Cijantung Church, and then moved to Rumah Fiorenti.. I really loved this baby.. Even she usually got angry if i touch her hair, but she really nice and want me to carrying her anywhere.. really i dont want to leave without her.. but i cant do nothing for this moment..

We already had a chance to see their room.. in the room, i had found another baby, her name is Gabby.. she had left by her mom when had born her.. so her father was taking care of her just 1 month, because he had termination of employment, so he doesnt had enough money to taking care Gabby.. And also there is no family want to take care of her, because their marriage was not blessing by all family.. really sad to hear that some family still do like this..and the impact was the baby..

Finally, we had to move on and finished our activity there at 03.00AM.. really such a wonderful xmas..
and it also make me wake up, that outside my live, there still anybody that need us, need our support for their live.. i was thankful and grateful that GOD give me all of this, family, money. live, but at rumah fiorenti, not all the child had what i had..
If i had a chance i want to give them more.. so i want to started to saving my money for them.. or for anybody who need my help..

Thanks GOD.. may GOD bless you all in this Christmas day..
Merry Christmas all..
25th December 2009..

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