Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Ujung Genteng

This is one of fun trip with my friends.. and of course with my boyfriends..
Goin to Ujung Genteng you can see at the map, it will took a long time to got there from Bekasi. We are scheduling to go at 4AM at the morning, but with all lazy people there, and finally we go at 5.00AM. We are going to  Ujung Genteng by highway to Puncak with 2 car. sing a song was the important thing at that car. At our car, there are 5 people, Boni, Johaan, Monik, Rangga and my self.
 After a long" way in the car, we arrive at 12.00AM. and of course we are getting hungry.. and with the cooking skill by Sri, we can eat..
After that we are prepared to go to Penyu Island to see Penyu.. We had to go by "ojek" to get that place.. we had to pay around Rp 30.000 and must drive around 15 minutes from our cottage to got there.

After seeing the Penyu and we had find the big Penyu there.And time goes by and we had to go back, and our "ojek" already come to pick us up. and this day was end with seafood barberque.. what a wonderful day.. hihi..
The next day, we are going to Cave to see bats, but we had to take a boat first to got there.. 
and we are finished at nice waterfall..

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