Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu

After long conversation with my friends, and now we are decided to have snorkeling day at Pulau Pramuka at Kepulauan seribu, with information from Sandy, our chairman for this trip. 12 peoples are going there, 4 girls and the rest was the boy..

We are moved from bekasi at 05.30AM with car that we had rent and at 06.30AM we are arrived at Muara Angke, and then we are go to the boat that will pick us up to the island. At 07.00AM the boat is starting on the machine. With many of vegetables and the other passengers, we had to sail around 2 hours, huaaa.. long time for waiting just to see that island..

We are arrived at 09.00, we are seasick.. and we had to walk to go to our villa. after unpacking our back, we are look around the island by foot. We had found that the island had take care of Penyu, the animal that almost extinct in Indonesia. We are going back to our villa to got lunch and prepare to go snorkling at 01.00PM

Yapiii,, we are snorkling at 2 island there, i cant remember the name, and we really feel happy to see coral sea..

We had dinner at sea restaurant.. and we are planned to go snorkeling at the next day, so we go back to the villa to prepare tomorrow activity..

At 07.00AM the next day, we are going sailing and had breakfast at the boat, and we are go to 2 island to see coral sea...

At 01.30PM we had go back to town again and at 03.30PM we are arrived at Muara Angke, and the rent car already come to pick us up..

My gosh.. the tire was burst.. we had to change the tire.. hihih.. all boys, actually, not the girl..

and we are arrive at 07.00.. and sleep with skin burn.. hihih

Nice Trip..

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