Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is was the first flight for me to stay 3 hours at plane.. huaaa.. I think I will be bored at that flight.. But I still think positive to have fun at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam..
Dec, 04, I am going to Airport by Damri Bus from Mega Bekasi at 01.06PM. My boyfriend pick me up to Damri Bus parking lot, and I forgot to bring Rupiah because all of my money are dollars now.. I open all my wallet and my pocket to find some money.. hihih.. and I found Rp 30.000, so it is enough for me to buy ticket for Damri Bus, it just Rp 28.000.
I was arrived at 14.20 at Soekarno Hatta Airport, and some of my friends already arrived there, we are just waiting for some of my friends that left behind.  After that I put my baggage and check in, and also give my NPWP so I don’t have to pay for fiscal, after waiting we are going to the waiting room because our flight was 04.35PM, and we are informed that our flight was delayed for 20 minutes.. huaaa.. hate this moment..
At 05.10 we are take off, finally we are fly.. Starting to fell bored..  But I sit right behind my friend, and just the two of us sit in that line, so more space for us.. We had our dinner at that plane.. not to delicious, but enough for us..
We are arrived at 08.12PM, then we are go to immigration and going to money changer. We already pick up by Taxi to Equatorial Hotel. It was funny that the Taxi driver can’t speak English and talking in Vietnam language that we didn’t know what its mean and he doesn’t know where was the Hotel, so we just follow the other Taxi. I was surprised with the situation.. My gosh, Ho Chi Minh are crowded with Motorcycle and also bicycle, it just some of car there.. and the traffic was more terrible than in Jakarta.
At 10.00PM we are arrive at the Hotel, nice hotel with Christmas Tree and House of Chocolate.. Our room was 841 at level 8, and we are plan to going out at 10.30PM to search some dinner,  but after walk outside, we just decided to go back, because we didn’t know the night situation there, and we just eat at the Chit Chat CafĂ© in that hotel. Even night, the situation was still crowded by motorcycle, we don’t know why still crowded, but we finally know from the Hotel Bus Driver (two days later) that they are still outside and bring Vietnam Flag, because they want to support Sea Games at Laos. 00.21AM we are going sleep because we have busy schedule tomorrow.
Dec, 05, we woke up at 06.00, and I had a bad news that my boyfriend Grandfather was passed away, but I can’t go there, so sad to hear that. But the trip must go on.  We are going to Cu Chi Tunnel at 08.00AM, and had picked up by Travel bus. Our tour guide for this trip is Hip, he was fun, and tells us about the HCM City.
At 09.30AM, we are arrived at Cu Chi Tunnel, the place where is Viekong (Vietnam peoples called them self) made tunnels to hide at Vietnam wars. We are also try to walk along the Tunnel, it was so dark. We got to try Cassava and drink some tea at Cu Chi Tunnel. We had done with this place at 11.44AM.

We are going to Saigon to have a lunch at  La Taverne at 01.00PM.
After lunch time 02.00PM, we are going to War Remnants Museum, where many war vehicle from USA was put in that museum and take some photos there.

We are also visited Reunification Palace. The Place where the King  doing his job and place for control all things.

At 03.45 we had visited Notre Dame Cathedral and also Post Office.

Shopping time at 04.00PM at Ben Tanh Market. Woman time to bargain, hehe..
After do shopping, we are going back to Hotel at 05.34PM. We are take a bath and take a rest for a moment, because we had to go for our dinner at 08.00PM. We are use Bus Hotel to go there, and you must know that finally we decided to eat KFC, because some of food was contains of Pig. At 09.21PM we are going back to the hotel to prepare for the next day.
Dec, 06, we are plan to go to Mekong River so we must wake up earlier because the place will take around 2 hours. Our tour guide for this trip is Tuc. At 10.26AM, we are arrived at Mekong river and then we are take a boat to going to an island that provide us with Tropical Fruit, in Indonesia we call the fruit names such as sawo, pepaya, pisang, jeruk bali, semangka.. after that we are move to another island that had made coconut candy, in Indonesia is dodol..  We are looking the process made the coconut candy. Still in the same island, we are take a horse to going to place that produce Honey, in that place we can take a photo with a really big snake. We are also take a boat to sail the small river to go back to the big boat and we can use the traditional hat of Vietnam, Caping. 
At 01.24PM, we have our lunch At Mekong Rest.
We going back to Hotel at 04.12PM and plan to go to Ben Tanh Market at 05.30PM. At Ben Tanh Market, we are eat Wan Than, this food as same as our Bakso with Pangsit. At night, Ben Tanh Market also had Night Market, and the price more cheap than at Ben Tanh Market. We are go back to Hotel at 09.00PM and go sleep.
Dec, 07, We wake up at 09.00AM and decided to find some breakfast outside the hotel, and we are found the food just same like our dinner last night, and we are eat that. After that we are go around the hotel, just want to look for helmet.

At 01.00PM we had pick up by Tuc, we are going to China Town to eat KFC and to look for helmet. After that, we had go to one Temple that I don’t sure what is the name.   
At 02.30 we are getting to Ben Than Market, again, we are get there to buy some handicraft. At 05.30PM we are got to airport and finally this is the end of our journey in HCM City, at 08.12 our plane take off.

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